A hope for the future

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Nothing says “I love you”, like a photo session with your significant other in a beautiful place filled with water and trees. This is where the magic happens. Every photographer and their chupacabra is out taking photos at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and if you cant beat them, you […]

Revisiting the old photos

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A blast from the past here. I was sorting through some of my photo archives, (as some photographers tend to do when they house clean), and I happened to find some of these little gems from my Nikon D90 archive. I began shooting film when I was but a boy […]

See the game of golf in a whole new way.

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State of the art technology allows us to take beautiful photographs, and ultra high definition video from the sky, using a light weight flying camera. Piloting these flying cameras takes skills and precision for the shots you are trying to capture. A steady hand makes for excellent composition, and staying […]

101 Secrets

101 Secrets Indie Film

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I often work with creative individuals who have their own projects in the works. Indie filmmaker Aaron Cho, is one of those creative mindsets with a pretty unusual taste. Cho had been working on his film 101 Secrets for a long while, before we started a collaboration on designing his […]

Imperator Furiosa Mad Max Fury Road Photo Shoot

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  Mad Max Fury Road opens in theaters world wide this May 15, 2015. The world looks mighty stylish for an age of apocalyptic adventure featuring characters in outlandish costumes. In fact, this is where the creativity bug bit me, and I scouted the local area for something that resembled […]