Star Wars Knowledge

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dfw drone photography

Drones utilized for new construction sites.

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We are all over the new construction sites in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Beautiful new homes from east to west are popping up, and we capture as many as we can from up in the air. It’s pretty amazing how the land evolves from dirt to dirt with tons of […]

Aerial Photos from Southlake, Texas

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Flying high and we score some beautiful aerial captures of this luxurious home out in Southlake, Texas. Currently on the market and listed by Nanette Luker of Briggs Freeman | Sothebys, this beautiful home has all the essential trimmings. We were tasked to shoot various aerial angles of this massive […]

The most incredible aerial video of Comanche Springs Ranch

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Looking back at this beautiful video always puts a smile on my face. We were very fortunate enough to photograph this¬†beautiful ranch out in Lipan, Texas, right next to the Brazos river. This incredible place is loaded with wild life, and amazing scenery. The day began by scouting the area […]

Johnny Dep loves the new iPhone X

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iPhone X Review

Spending time with my X

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We all have an X story. We take them to court, we file a restraining order, we talk about them behind their backs, but oh no, this this is the one time it’ll be a tale to tell. I’m not talking about the triple X, but the single X! We […]

Stranger Things Eleven

Stranger Things

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I hope everyone had a happy halloween this year. Of course this means extra work for me and the rest of the neighborhood as we take down the halloween decor and replace it with Thanksgiving festive stuff. Some of us even have Christmas stuff up. Where does the time go?!! […]