Simply Red by Moera Creative Photography

Simply Red 2

Posted by Izumi Helling | February 8th, 2018 | No responses

  Black and White. A photographer is always looking for some kind of adventure, and if they don’t find it, they have to create it. Well this adventure begins with a very windy day that eventually led to rain, and then the fear of all that expensive gear getting washed out. […]

San Francisco’s Treats Part One

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San Francisco Treats. San Francisco summer of 2014 was supposed to be shorts and t-shirts at the beach. It was July after all, and I expected to be greeted with warm and sunny weather. This was not the case. It was so cold when we arrived that afternoon, we had […]

Simply Red

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A world without color. Every new year is all about making wonderful memories in a world without color. Each memory adding more and more to the pallet. I hear it all the time when a new year is upon us how people will decide to make a change. “This year […]

Winter is Here

Winter is Here

Posted by Izumi Helling | January 1st, 2018 | No responses

Cold and Dark. I just love those gothic fashion styles that look pasty and dark in the winter months. This one I am happy to have been a part of from the look, the makeup, the hairstyle, to the photos, and the post production. Sometimes you just have to do […]

Onsite with Profoto A1s

Posted by Izumi Helling | December 28th, 2017 | No responses

  Profoto A1 Lucky me to have gotten my hands on the new Profoto A1 studio light. It is essentially a speed light but it is also so much more. Coming from using the Nikon Sb700 which is still a very powerful flash in and of itself, the Profoto A1 […]

Onsite with Profoto B2s Wide

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  Profoto B2 Wide I’m loving the Profoto B2s. It is so easy to get these in a pack and go. Today we shot on site once again to get the most out of one light in a rainy day situation. As you can see, we made the most of […]

Profoto B2 TTL

Onsite with Profoto B2s

Posted by Izumi Helling | December 25th, 2017 | No responses

  Profoto B2 Off Camera Flash Christmas is here and I finally pulled the trigger to get me the B2 Location Kit from Profoto. I cannot believe I put this purchase off for such a long time. I swear these lights are a gift from the photography light gods. They […]

Fargo Season 2


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  The stoic Native American Indian. O’Hanzee Dent from Fargo Season 2 has to be one of the best villains in TV history. This winter we dive in and recreate the famous silent but deadly Indian tracker. Portrayed on screen by Zahn Tokiya-ku McClarnon, O’Hanzee Dent quickly became a fan favorite with […]

dfw drone photography

Drones utilized for new construction sites.

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We are all over the new construction sites in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Beautiful new homes from east to west are popping up, and we capture as many as we can from up in the air. It’s pretty amazing how the land evolves from dirt to dirt with tons of […]

Aerial Photos from Southlake, Texas

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Flying high and we score some beautiful aerial captures of this luxurious home out in Southlake, Texas. Currently on the market and listed by Nanette Luker of Briggs Freeman | Sothebys, this beautiful home has all the essential trimmings. We were tasked to shoot various aerial angles of this massive […]