Drone e’ry dey!

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This is accurate to say the least. We are stuck in the world of drones. As long as I remain a photographer, I am destined to be in the air. This most recent shoot was out in Gainesville, Texas, and we take to the skies to capture these incredible shots. […]

Some dumb ass crashed a drone into the Space Needle

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Yeah, so some pilot decides to fly around the Seattle Space Needle, and well, if you have watched the youtube video on it, they make quite an impact. It looked like he or she had control for a while, but towards the end, it may have been that the pilot […]

Flying Drones over Home Builders and Land Developers

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It may be exciting to some people and boring to others, but you can’t deny how awesome it is to see how earth movers develop land for the future homes in America. In Aledo, Texas, there is a mass growth for brand new neighborhoods. Fort Worth residents are fleeing over […]

Long range

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It’s been quite an evolution for drones and drone safety. YouTube is filled with videos of pilots pushing their drones to the limit. There is something about wanting to see what off the shelf drones are capable of. Of course there are regulations in place now for both hobbyists and […]

The Garden of the Gods

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For anyone who has traveled to Colorado, they know how cold it can get. That isn’t the only thing Colorado is known for. I mean, why is there a sudden spike of visitors to Colorado these days? Mostly by young adults trying to live out there mother and father’s hippie […]

Drone Reel by Moera Creative

Moera Creative Aerial Show Reel 2016

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It’s an exciting year for the UAV industry. There are lots of positive changes in the air. Experienced UAV pilots for Moera Creative take to the sky. Bringing you back results that are exciting and FAA compliant. Ask us how we can help.        

Air Sugar

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Of course it was a bright and sunny day in Lipan, Texas,  but I didn’t mind the heat at all. Everything was prepared for the shoot at the beautiful Sugar Tree community. This is an incredible place to shoot aerial photos and videos. The sprawling golf course, sparkling water ways, […]

Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 vs X3 Footage

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It’s been exciting for the UAV industry as a whole. Specifically, the DJI line has improved throughout the years with amazing benefits for the photographers. We go hands on with the DJI Inspire 1 pro and compare the Zenmuse X5 video footage with the Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 video footage. This […]

Moera Creative Showreel

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It has been a great year for aerial photography. In Fort Worth, real estate has been an effective industry to approach with creative solutions using a flying camera. We have helped agencies like Sotheby’s, Remax, Judge Fite Century 21, Ebby, Keller Williams, Morning Star, and many others sell their listings […]

The beautiful skies of New Mexico’s Sandia Peak

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Everywhere I look it seems I can’t escape the negative connotations of “drones”. News reports of deranged individuals shooting down an aircraft because of privacy concerns, or even over exuberant pilots performing dangerous maneuvers in restricted air space. I get it, this is new to everyone, and with all the […]