Johnny Dep loves the new iPhone X

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iPhone X Review

Spending time with my X

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We all have an X story. We take them to court, we file a restraining order, we talk about them behind their backs, but oh no, this this is the one time it’ll be a tale to tell. I’m not talking about the triple X, but the single X! We […]

Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse X5 vs X3 Footage

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It’s been exciting for the UAV industry as a whole. Specifically, the DJI line has improved throughout the years with amazing benefits for the photographers. We go hands on with the DJI Inspire 1 pro and compare the Zenmuse X5 video footage with the Inspire 1 Zenmuse X3 video footage. This […]

Moera Creative Showreel

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It has been a great year for aerial photography. In Fort Worth, real estate has been an effective industry to approach with creative solutions using a flying camera. We have helped agencies like Sotheby’s, Remax, Judge Fite Century 21, Ebby, Keller Williams, Morning Star, and many others sell their listings […]

The beautiful skies of New Mexico’s Sandia Peak

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Everywhere I look it seems I can’t escape the negative connotations of “drones”. News reports of deranged individuals shooting down an aircraft because of privacy concerns, or even over exuberant pilots performing dangerous maneuvers in restricted air space. I get it, this is new to everyone, and with all the […]

Texas Aerial Imaging Goes Large

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Dallas Fort Worth, Texas aerial photography and video editing services by Moera Creative are on the rise. We have tackled a variety of different industries using aerial imaging tools throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and all the way to the west coast. Aerial services for real estate have improved sales for […]

DJI Inspire 1 Propellers 1345 vs 1345s

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We were asked about the differences in the DJI Inspire 1 propellers. Some pilots have the older props that came with the first run of the Inspire 1 models. Others received the new quick release propellers that came with the Inspire 1 flying cameras that were made after March of […]

See the game of golf in a whole new way.

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State of the art technology allows us to take beautiful photographs, and ultra high definition video from the sky, using a light weight flying camera. Piloting these flying cameras takes skills and precision for the shots you are trying to capture. A steady hand makes for excellent composition, and staying […]

Enter the Matrix

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Looking over the rush hour traffic, I couldn’t help but feel trapped in some sort of machine world. All those vehicles on the freeway, each with a destination, and congested. You couldn’t help but feel the beautify of the skyline in the backdrop. I have been very impressed with the […]


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Spending time with my daughter is always the highlight of my day. I’d even go as far to say that she is far more creative than I am. This windy evening was worth putting my drone to the test. Surprisingly, it handled really well in the air. The wasteland idea […]