I’m Mr. Robot

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Sometimes I just want to take a subway into the city.

Santa Fe

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Santa Fe is one of those small places that you have to visit because of the history behind it. I arrived one morning while visiting ABQ,  New Mexico, and went snooping around the town with my trusty DSLR on my side. First and foremost, it is a beautiful town, rich […]

The Garden of the Gods

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For anyone who has traveled to Colorado, they know how cold it can get. That isn’t the only thing Colorado is known for. I mean, why is there a sudden spike of visitors to Colorado these days? Mostly by young adults trying to live out there mother and father’s hippie […]

A walk in the clouds

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  Every year, we venture to San Francisco for inspiration, and we always find it. San Fran is an ideal place for stunning photography. We first journeyed to the beautiful high areas of the Marin Headlands to find the breathtaking vantage point of the Golden Gate. Many tourists with various […]

The beautiful skies of New Mexico’s Sandia Peak

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Everywhere I look it seems I can’t escape the negative connotations of “drones”. News reports of deranged individuals shooting down an aircraft because of privacy concerns, or even over exuberant pilots performing dangerous maneuvers in restricted air space. I get it, this is new to everyone, and with all the […]

The Bay Area 4th

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I remember this time last year, my daughter and I took a road trip to the west coast. Eventually landing in San Francisco during the 4th of July weekend. It was my very first time shooting fireworks. Most of the years I spent time looking up at the spectacle of […]


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I spent a good majority of July in San Francisco last year. Maybe I will go back this month and pick up on some more photos. I wanted to share what I had the privilege of seeing while there. I hope you all can appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

Fall in Eureka Springs

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Every now and then I escape city life and head to the beautiful town of Eureka Springs. I know one day I will visit this magical town, and I won’t ever leave. Anyone who knows of Eureka Springs, must have an understanding of how impressive it can be when it comes […]

Moera Creative drone footage featured in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

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The holidays are coming, and we are proud to have our drone video for the Sagrada listing featured in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine. The video is a part of an effort to bring in potential home buyers for a holiday house tour which begins November 8 – November 23, 2014. […]

September 11

9/11 Memories

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Today we remember September 11. Everyone mourns in their own way, and I look back on this day with the memories of our visit to Manhattan. My daughter was six years old, and this was our first visit to New York. We saw the t-shirt, I Love New York, at […]