Trophy Room Dallas

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Trophy Room in Dallas invited us out to shoot one of their major events in the month of November. As you can see it’s filled with a crowd of Dallas natives and plenty of good times.

Good night Zion.

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We took a drive over to Utah this past month to explore the wonders of Zion National Park. It is everything I ever heard it to be. Such an incredible place of beauty and awe. I’d say this place is more enjoyable than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but don’t […]

I’m Mr. Robot

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Sometimes I just want to take a subway into the city.


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Do you remember the time when some asshole would light up a cigarette and blow smoke in your face just before he was about to kick your ass for walking on his street on your way to school? Of course you don’t because that doesn’t happen to you. Why? Because you […]

Water Dance

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We step into the Sundance Square area in Fort Worth, Texas to film this little short. I have always loved the Sundance Square area ever since they remodeled in downtown. I can’t say I much like how they want a permit for having a tripod though.

Moera Creative Showreel

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It has been a great year for aerial photography. In Fort Worth, real estate has been an effective industry to approach with creative solutions using a flying camera. We have helped agencies like Sotheby’s, Remax, Judge Fite Century 21, Ebby, Keller Williams, Morning Star, and many others sell their listings […]

DJI Inspire 1 Propellers 1345 vs 1345s

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We were asked about the differences in the DJI Inspire 1 propellers. Some pilots have the older props that came with the first run of the Inspire 1 models. Others received the new quick release propellers that came with the Inspire 1 flying cameras that were made after March of […]

Fort Worth’s Fourth

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A beautiful night sky is lit up with the fireworks we come to expect every year. A flying camera shows us an amazing perspective of the 4th of July. Just a few blocks from downtown, the show was a success. Have a look at what was captured, and see how […]


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I spent a good majority of July in San Francisco last year. Maybe I will go back this month and pick up on some more photos. I wanted to share what I had the privilege of seeing while there. I hope you all can appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

See the game of golf in a whole new way.

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State of the art technology allows us to take beautiful photographs, and ultra high definition video from the sky, using a light weight flying camera. Piloting these flying cameras takes skills and precision for the shots you are trying to capture. A steady hand makes for excellent composition, and staying […]