Profoto B2 TTL

Onsite with Profoto B2s

Posted by Izumi Helling | December 25th, 2017 | No responses


Profoto B2 Off Camera Flash

Christmas is here and I finally pulled the trigger to get me the B2 Location Kit from Profoto. I cannot believe I put this purchase off for such a long time. I swear these lights are a gift from the photography light gods. They are incredible in every sense of the word! So there was nothing like being able to put everything in one bag and get out on the road to start shooting beautiful photos through the lens.


Profoto B2 TTL   Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL


High Speed Sync

With high speed sync you are able to over power the sun and capture beautiful stills. The Profoto Air Remote on my Nikon D800 can control the light via TTL or Manual modes. Freezing the action with high shutter speeds and making use of that wide open aperture during the day times. I love this kit!


Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL Profoto B2 TTL


True OCF

I spend a lot of my photo time in studio, but with this kit, no more carrying heavy bulky D1 monolights and a Batpac. Instead everything you need is in a lightweight bag. It’s a very Merry Christmas indeed, and I cannot wait to show you more with these!


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