Moera Creative Showreel

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It has been a great year for aerial photography. In Fort Worth, real estate has been an effective industry to approach with creative solutions using […]

The beautiful skies of New Mexico’s Sandia Peak

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Everywhere I look it seems I can’t escape the negative connotations of “drones”. News reports of deranged individuals shooting down an aircraft because of privacy […]

Texas Aerial Imaging Goes Large

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Dallas Fort Worth, Texas aerial photography and video editing services by Moera Creative are on the rise. We have tackled a variety of different industries using […]

DJI Inspire 1 Propellers 1345 vs 1345s

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We were asked about the differences in the DJI Inspire 1 propellers. Some pilots have the older props that came with the first run of […]

On the green.

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Usually around this time in Texas, the courses are brown and dry. With all the rain we received back in May, this course is still […]

Beautiful views of Comanche Ranch

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Lipan, Texas is west of Fort Worth, and it in of itself is a beautiful treasure. Comanche Ranch is an exquisite piece of land, and […]

Fort Worth’s Fourth

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A beautiful night sky is lit up with the fireworks we come to expect every year. A flying camera shows us an amazing perspective of […]

The Bay Area 4th

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I remember this time last year, my daughter and I took a road trip to the west coast. Eventually landing in San Francisco during the […]


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I spent a good majority of July in San Francisco last year. Maybe I will go back this month and pick up on some more […]

Speaking with Trees

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About one third of the United States is covered by forest, and William Ross tries to make art out of every bit of it. The whole […]