Possum Kingdom

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As always, Moera Creative loves to photograph from up in the air. This special estate located in the far reaches of Possum Kingdom Lake, has […]

A hope for the future

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Nothing says “I love you”, like a photo session with your significant other in a beautiful place filled with water and trees. This is where […]

Revisiting the old photos

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A blast from the past here. I was sorting through some of my photo archives, (as some photographers tend to do when they house clean), […]

See the game of golf in a whole new way.

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State of the art technology allows us to take beautiful photographs, and ultra high definition video from the sky, using a light weight flying camera. […]

101 Secrets

101 Secrets Indie Film

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I often work with creative individuals who have their own projects in the works. Indie filmmaker Aaron Cho, is one of those creative mindsets with […]

Imperator Furiosa Mad Max Fury Road Photo Shoot

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  Mad Max Fury Road opens in theaters world wide this May 15, 2015. The world looks mighty stylish for an age of apocalyptic adventure […]

Enter the Matrix

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Looking over the rush hour traffic, I couldn’t help but feel trapped in some sort of machine world. All those vehicles on the freeway, each […]


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Spending time with my daughter is always the highlight of my day. I’d even go as far to say that she is far more creative […]

Wenli Liu, The rare flower that blooms in Flower Mound

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If I remember anything about 2014, it has to be the day I was graciously invited over to spend some time with artist Wenli Liu. […]

DJI Inspire 1 lands in Fort Worth

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The incredible Inspire 1 has finally made its way to our fleet of photo/video capture drones. I am very impressed with the performance of this […]