Onsite with Profoto A1s

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  Profoto A1 Lucky me to have gotten my hands on the new Profoto A1 studio light. It is essentially a speed light but it is also so much more. Coming from using the Nikon Sb700 which is still a very powerful flash in and of itself, the Profoto A1 […]

Profoto B2 TTL

Onsite with Profoto B2s

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  Profoto B2 Off Camera Flash Christmas is here and I finally pulled the trigger to get me the B2 Location Kit from Profoto. I cannot believe I put this purchase off for such a long time. I swear these lights are a gift from the photography light gods. They […]

Fargo Season 2


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  The stoic Native American Indian. O’Hanzee Dent from Fargo Season 2 has to be one of the best villains in TV history. This winter we dive in and recreate the famous silent but deadly Indian tracker. Portrayed on screen by Zahn Tokiya-ku McClarnon, O’Hanzee Dent quickly became a fan favorite with […]


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This is Kenneth. He’s been through some serious shit in his life. I had the pleasure of photographing him a few years ago right before his birthday. Catfish is what they call him. The backstory to this fishy nickname has to do with his comrades who began calling him catfish one day […]


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Redheads are a rare and delightful treat. Some say that these gingers have no souls, but if you take a look at Tracey here, I would have to disagree. Packed and full of soul for sure! I had to showcase the photos of our photo session a few years back. […]

Prismatic Beauty Part II

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We are ringing in the new year with a new mentality. We need to get more done, and we need to get more done! Of course doing things with high quality takes time, but again, we need to get more done! I myself am an artist, and artists do tend […]

Heather Lehman

Prismatic Beauty Part I

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It is true that we often shoot themed photos with a sense of darkness to them. Moera Creative is proud to showcase incredible imagery that gets people thinking. We find beauty in the uniqueness of the strange and the unusual. In this favorite month of ours, we focus on the […]


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2016 has been a terrible year for celebrities. We’ve lost some good musicians in the past few months. Nothing will ever be quite the same. Music is changing, art is changing, and even the way we communicate seems to be changing. One of the most inspiring artists for me was […]